Videos 2015

Erik Laboissier, also known as Wikk Infernal of Altars of Grief, Nachtterror, and Desecrate Promotions, was kind enough to film songs from every band that played at Black Mourning Light, and then turn those songs into promos. All the videos that are available on YouTube are available here. Keep your eyes on this page, or subscribe to the Crown of Viserys YouTube channel, to see them as they are released, one per week, every Wednesday.

Altars of Grief – “Your Heaven”

Noire – “Where Death Keeps”

Ossific – “Conduit”

Körperlose Stimme – “Schädel Zerkleinerung”

Numenorean – “Home”

AfterEarth – “Stay the Hunger”

Vile Insignia – “The Infernal Siege”

Dystopian Wasteland – “Planetary Abolishment”

Interitum – “Hymn for the Dead”

Trær – “First Rider”