Black Mourning Light

Black Mourning Light 2017: Cancelled

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Black Mourning Light 2017 will go down as the festival that almost was.

It came down to overextending our reach. Despite what we thought was a manageable sized festival, the growth between 2016 and 2017 was, ultimately, just too much. After the announcement of the lineup there was a ton of hype for the fact that both Blasphemy and Revenge were on the same bill together; unfortunately, as much hype as BML had this year, ticket sales were extremely lackluster, and coupled with increasing expenses, we were forced to consider shrinking the festival down to a one night event. In the end, that was not enough, and so we are being forced to cancel this year’s festival altogether.

Refunds for those who did purchase tickets will be available at the point of sale/person of sale very soon.

Black Mourning Light Metal Festival will return in 2018. I cannot thank the supporters of this festival enough.