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BML 2017 Announces Lineup Changes and Additions, New Poster

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Black Mourning Light 2017 Festival Poster - Web

There is some news about BML that needs to be shared here on the site that has been disseminated in social media. Unfortunately, Ares Infernus has disbanded and will not be taking part in the festival as a band. They have been replaced on the roster by not one, but two bands. I present to you the newest edition of the BML poster featuring the logos of The Lucifer Project from Edmonton and Evilheart from Mexico. Both bands will be playing on Friday in support of Blasphemy. The new list of bands is below.

Tickets to Black Mourning Light 2017 are available through Crown of Viserys on BigCartel, Eventbrite (Friday only or Friday/Saturday), Eventbrite (Saturday only or Friday/Saturday), and in person. Digital tickets also available through TicketFly, while physical tickets are also available through Blackbyrd Myoozik on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton and through Ereignis Productions in Edmonton.

Friday, October 13th

Rites of thy Degringolade
The Lucifer Project


Saturday, October 13th

Funeral of God


BML 2017 to Host Revenge and Blasphemy

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It’s been known since the 15th of February who our headliners for this year’s festival will be, as well as the rest of the lineup, but finally I am getting it onto the website!

I am honoured to say that Black Mourning Light 2017 will be headlined by none other than bestial black metal legends Revenge and Blasphemy, two of the pioneers of the genre. With them is a plethora of amazing black and death metal bands that are sure to rip your head off in the name of Satan. Once more it will also be a two-day festival, taking place on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of October, and we will be in a much larger room for this round of sacrilege: The Starlite Room.

The 2017 logo and poster art was tackled by Thiti Somboonanek, best known as his pen name Sickness666. He has done artwork for such bands as Impiety, Deiphago, Manzer, Black Witchery and many others, so I knew he would be the perfect artist for this year.

Tickets to Black Mourning Light are $45 for each day, and $75 for a two-day pass, and can be bought here or here. We are still figuring out logistics and details for The Mourning After, and if indeed we will host it this year or not.

Black Mourning Light 2017 In Planning Stages

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Black Mourning Light Metal Festival is now planning our third event, and it promises to eclipse the previous two in not just size, but in heaviness, insanity, and evil.

We are taking applications for bands to play the festival, which is scheduled for October 14th, 2017, at a venue that is still to be announced. You can apply to play with this link.

We have a slightly more black metal heavy year with 2017, and a good amount of soul crushing doom is in the works, so attendees of the first two years will not feel out of place at all. I do, however, think that the third edition of the fest will indeed be perfect for true black metal maniacs.

2017 will be one for the record books. See you there.