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Black Mourning Light 2018 Recap

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Damian Smith of Altars of Grief

It’s been a couple weeks, indeed almost a month, since BML 2018 happened, and I am finally mentally returning to normal. It was a hell of a weekend.

First up, I must thank the crew at Rendezvous Pub, Calvin, Kayla, Dez, and Soundwizard Rob. Without you, BML would have a real bitch of a time existing. Second, the bands that played and slayed. Friday night was rocked by Pecado, Black Sacrament, Tekarra, Vile Insignia, and headlined by The Lucifer Project. Saturday night was rocked by Cell, Ossific, Arctos, Noire, and headlined by Altars of Grief. And both nights we were treated to an artist talk by none other than Christophe Szpajdel, the Lord of the Logos, who flew all the way from Exeter, England, to join the festivities.

BML 2018 was a bit of a science experiment for me because it wasn’t just a three-day festival, it was a two-city festival. Black Mourning Light was also happening in Calgary, Alberta, at Vern’s. Thanks go to Clint and his crew down south for their awesome work on Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks also go to the bands, who on Saturday was Black Sacrament, Fjell Thyngor, Trær, and headliner Train Bigger Monkeys; Sunday was Ossific, Cell, Altars of Grief, and headliner Pecado. Extra special thanks go to Patti who ran the Saturday night show and Erik who ran the Sunday night show.

I must thank the fans, the people who came out to Rendezvous Pub and Vern’s the most. Without you, there would be no Black Mourning Light. Plans for Black Mourning Light 2019 are moving forward, and videos and photos of 2018 are slowly being edited. Keep your eyes peeled for more and see you next year.